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What a wonderful experience for both of our geriatric pups, Jazz, who is 14+ and Rex, who is 11+. Jazz had surgery this spring to remover a cancerous growth on his lip, and his recovery was amazing. Jazz is now undergoing acupuncture for arthritis. He just had his fourth acupuncture session with Dr.Benbow this morning. The improvement is remarkable. Jazz and Rex have been to a lot of veterinarians over the years, and we have never been in such a caring, loving environment. Dr. Benbow and her staff, Victoria, Brooke and Jessica, are all so compassionate and loving to our old pups. I highly recommend Benbow Veterinary Services.


My 10 year old beagle was having problems walking because of arthritis and spondylosis. Our vet (an uptown vet), was just giving her pain medication, and wasn't helping her. He said she needed more, and more pain medication. I found Dr. Benbow online while searching for a pet acupuncturist. When we arrived, my dog was stiff like a robot. She left feeling better, and walking better after the acupuncture session. Not only did Dr. Benbow help my dog with several acupuncture follow ups, but she also changed her diet, and gave me a lot of tips to improve my dog's overall health. Dr. Benbow not only saved my dog, who now looks and acts like a puppy, but was always available for questions, and her gracious team has always been there for us (we have 3 dogs). She doesn't work on Thursdays because she takes these days to study and keep up with the latest medical knowledge. Dr. Benbow, Victoria, Brooke, Jessica, and all the women that work at this office are fabulous! I can't say less. I am very sad we are moving to another city and not being able to take them all with us! Thank you for caring for our pets!


Best thing I could have ever done for my dog, my dog was having spine and disc problems for over 6 months. I have taken him to vet all over the city, Dr. Benbow did one treatment of acupuncture and I saw results instantly. I was truly considering putting my dog to sleep because I could not stand to see him in so much pain and on so many medications. However as I sit here awaiting his second treatment of acupuncture I am now much more hopeful that he will be back to normal. Dr. Benbow and her staff are truly heaven sent, from the initial phone call I made up to now I have not experienced a more professional and genuine group.I am soooooo happy I found Dr. Benbow ,she has saved my kid, and my heart! Do yourself a favor skip all the others and come see Dr. Benbow 1st you won't regret it!!!!!


We have three older dogs that require plenty of care and Dr. Benbow has helped them all tremendously! She counsels us on all types of treatments; from the preventive and progressive approach as well as traditional medicine. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and very caring. The clinic is awesome; it doesn't have the look or feel of your typical vet clinic and that's a good thing. The staff is very helpful and attentive to every pet. I would recommend this clinic to everyone.


Meg Farris / Eyewitness News
Email: mfarris@wwltv.com | Twitter: @megfarriswwl

METAIRIE, La. -- A Metairie couple is remembering the gift of a stranger years ago. It's a gift that has allowed them to enjoy the love of their pet for seven more Christmases.

Blue the Anatolian shepherd is lucky to be enjoying his senior years. In 2006, he was playing near the Bonnet Carre Spillway with his parents who rescued him.

But later, the Thevenots knew something was not right. A trip to the emergency room didn't turn up anything. But a day or so later, the worst happened.

'By the time we brought him to Dr. Benbow, we had to carry him in on a blanket,' said Lou Thevenot, Blue's owner.

Blue went into a coma for days.

'I was, I was out. I was completely, I had lost my mind because he's my baby,' said Lyle Thevenot, Blue's owner and Lou's wife.

When Dr. Cynthia Benbow shaved his front leg, there were puncture wounds everywhere. Phone calls to experts and research solved the mystery.

'They said that the amount of bite wounds and how severe the symptoms were and what happened to him, it had to have been a nest of baby water moccasins that are more toxic than the adults,' said Dr. Benbow, who owns Benbow Veterinary Services in Metairie.

It was too late for anti-venom. Besides, there was none in Louisiana. With medical support, Blue finally woke up. But skin and tissue, down to his muscle, was black and dying.

Dr. Benbow had to do the largest area skin transplant in her career, surgically moving it from his back and abdomen to his front leg.

'For a person, they would be in the hospital bed and not moving and we would tell them, 'Don't bend it. Don't move. It's going to compromise that graft area,'' said Dr. Benbow.

But this independent herder loved unwrapping bandages and moving. Part of the transplanted healing skin died, leaving scars today.

But Dr. Benbow had a plan.

'So she took him home and she and her daughters slept on the floor with him so that he would feel calm and not do any scratching at the wound or anything like that. And stress, he had to have someone's hand on him at all times that night. So they all had their hands on him at all times,' Lou said.

Years later, when Blue came for an annual exam, Dr. Benbow's daughter just happened to be at the clinic.

'When he saw her, it was like, it was, it seemed like he was more excited to see her than to see me,' said Lyle.

What's also special about this story is that there are companies that donated medical supplies to help with Blue's healing. And there's a person, who to this day, wants to remain anonymous, who paid a large portion of Blue's medical bills.

'I wish we knew who they were. I wish they could see now. I wish they could see what their help has done,' said Lyle.

Maybe the anonymous donor is seeing Blue now.

The veterinarian said owners should always trust their intuition when a pet is not behaving normally, since they are so familiar with their pet's daily personality, even if the medical tests come back normal.

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