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In case you should evacuate, make sure your pets are up to date on vaccines, microchipped, and have an adequate supply of medications and heartworm/flea prevention! The patient records management system we use at Benbow Vet Services is cloud based, so by sending you an email, we can give you access to all your pet’s records. In the event of an evacuation, just email us at benbowvetservices@gmail.com to request access to your records or to see how we can help you wherever you’ve evacuated to! 

We carry a few products here that can help your pet with anxiety caused by evacuating or thunderstorm phobia. Stop in and grab them before you go or have them delivered via our online store! 

Composure Pro is a treat form anxiety supplement used to support calm behavior in stressful situations for both dogs and cats. The main ingredients of this product consist of L-theanine, tryptophan, and colostrum calming complex. You’ll notice the results within 30 minutes and it lasts for hours. It’s also safe to double the amount of dosage stated during times of increased stress. This all natural product can be used as needed, rather than keeping your pet medicated every day. 

Adaptil is a synthetic pheromone used to treat anxiety in stressful situations, and comes in multiple forms: collar, diffuser, and spray. Adaptil mimics the pheromone that mother dogs emit after giving birth to help their puppies feel calm and secure, and dogs of all ages recognize this pheromone throughout life. The collars and diffusers last for 30 days, while the spray is for more short-term use. Depending on the issue at hand, the company will recommend which product they think will work best for your situation! They also have a sister product called Feliway, which is for cats. 

Zylkene is a capsule form all natural anxiety supplement derived from casein, which is a milk protein that promotes relaxation after breastfeeding. It is recommended to start this product a few days before the stressful situation is to occur, so this product is best for more long-term use. Besides being given as a capsule, it can also be mixed with food or liquid for easier dosing.

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